Body talk

As therapists, we often emphasise the importance of delving into the intricacies of the mind, exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. However, it’s equally crucial to recognise the profound connection between the body and the mind in the therapeutic process. Integrating body-focused approaches into therapy can unlock new dimensions of healing and insight, enriching the client’s […]


As a therapist in the UK, I’ve witnessed the rising culture of self-help, personal branding, and compulsory self-improvement taking a real toll on mental health lately. Social media floods us with messaging to meditate more, build better habits, manifest our dreams, regulate our emotions and level up our lives or else risk being left behind. […]

Why Place Matters

As a therapist practicing in multiple locations, I have come to deeply appreciate the impact of physical space on the therapeutic process. The therapy room itself can aid or inhibit personal transformation. I am about to add a third location – a community of Psychotherapists in London Bridge called Number 42. I am thrilled. I […]

Ambivalent Advent (aka F*** Christmas)

Christmas got you down already? That’s okay. All this seasonal cheer and togetherness can be painful when life already feels hard. You don’t need to smile through the pain or pretend everything’s merry just because it’s December. Side note – if you have children it’s all very well I know. You DO want to give […]

Spreading the Power of Pesso Boyden Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist, I’m a BIG FAN of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP). I believe it deserves much broader recognition and practice in the UK. PBSP is a powerful body-oriented psychotherapy developed in the 1960s by Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden. It utilizes gentle touch, movement and interaction to help heal developmental wounds and trauma. […]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Need for a Pluralistic Influence

As a psychotherapist, I feel profoundly shaped by the teachers who came before me. Visionaries like Virginia Satir, Bessel van der Kolk, Irvin Yalom, and Milton Erickson paved the way. Their wisdom informs my work and thinking. Satir showed me how family systems and communication patterns influence wellbeing. Van der Kolk demonstrated the imprint trauma […]

The secret life of trauma

As a psychotherapist, I’ve come to view trauma differently over the years. Trauma is not just an upsetting experience that happened in the past. It’s an ongoing state of feeling unsafe in the present. The brain gets stuck predicting danger, even when life looks “normal” again. This stuck state activates our fight-flight-freeze responses. The symptoms […]

Believe in Beeleaf

I chose to study at The Beeleaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.  I wanted training that would allow me to learn in my way.  That meant it needed to be experiential, in person, flexible.  I wanted to study with a school that honoured each trainee for their uniqueness and gifts.  Above all, I wanted to become […]

It starts here.

Why do people decide to start therapy? Starting therapy = a pivotal moment for many of us.  The time finally feels right to take that first step towards change.  But what leads up to this turning point?  And how does that impact what we look for?  Major life changes often act as a catalyst. Graduating […]