Spreading the Power of Pesso Boyden Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist, I’m a BIG FAN of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP).

I believe it deserves much broader recognition and practice in the UK.

PBSP is a powerful body-oriented psychotherapy developed in the 1960s by Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden. It utilizes gentle touch, movement and interaction to help heal developmental wounds and trauma.

In PBSP, with the help of the therapist the method reveals needs of the client that were unmet in childhood, such as nurture or protection. Through guided group interaction, we then symbolically fulfill those needs by placing role figures to make new memories. This provides a corrective emotional experience. Clients tap into unresolved feelings from the past and release them in a safe, controlled way. The client remains in charge at all times, ensuring that they get it just right for them.

The results can be profound. PBSP accesses the body’s wisdom – where we hold emotional pain and memories. Through engaging the body and mind together, PBSP can reshapes negative cognitive patterns formed in childhood. With this method, past burdens may be lifted, self-limiting beliefs transformed, and clients emerge more empowered.

Why am I saying of of this? Because, while well-established among a niche group of practitioners, PBSP remains relatively unknown to many. Few certified therapists currently practice in the UK outside a few major cities. Yet its compassionate, action-based methods could benefit so many, from trauma and PTSD sufferers to those with depression or struggling relationships.

I discovered PBSP in my own therapy journey. I was moved by its capacity for healing and growth.

After extensive training, I now hope to bring this modality to my local community and make its tools more accessible. PBSP deserves to stand alongside other evidence-based therapies as a viable option for therapists and clients alike. I aim to play a small part in helping this unique, creative practice expand its reach in Kent and beyond.

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