I’m a qualified psychotherapist and member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I am trained in Contemporary Psychotherapy, a pluralistic approach that puts my clients at the centre.  I am also a Pesso Boyden practitioner and facilitator. 

But I’m not your traditional therapist.

I’m authentic and approachable, but I don’t shy away from kind, challenging and ‘basic’ language. Let’s say that I care and swear. I believe therapy should be far from a cold, clinical experience – that just not me. My training has equipped me to facilitate change through natural conversation, but it doesn’t make me superior to you. You are the expert of your own life.

In therapy, there’s no room for judgment. I deeply respect the trust you place in me, and I’m committed to maintaining a nonjudgmental, safe space.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort during our therapeutic journey, change is absolutely within reach.

Ultimately, I’m here to collaborate with you.


A bit more on my approach

A pluralistic approach
I received my psychotherapy training in Contemporary Psychotherapy, a method pioneered by Pamela Gawler-Wright at the BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. This training brings together elements from various therapeutic approaches, starting with Person-Centred core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence.  Weaving in elements of systemic, NLP and the latest insights from neuroscience. It draws on therapies like Fritz Perls’ Gestalt therapy, Virginia Satir’s Family Systems therapy, and Milton Erickson’s Hypnotherapy. See the Contemporary Psychotherapy introduction paper here.

Mind-body as one
I am also trained in Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System (PBSP), a body-based psychotherapy. Our body is a means of communication and exploration so I firmly believe in using body techniques to strengthen the dialogue between me and my clients about what is being experienced and perceived. It may be as simple as breathing exercises, grounding or therapeutically engaging with expressive behaviours such as posture, gestures, facial expression, movement.

Always Learning
I’m interested in many aspects of therapy and am committed to continuing my professional and personal development through ongoing training and lifelong learning. I receive regular supervision to support my work and safeguard both me and my clients.
As a fellow human with plenty of history I aim to tap into all my experiences to help me empathise and understand my clients and walk with them on their journey of self-discovery.

Beyond the therapy room
Through my work in London, I’ve built up experience in leadership development, organisational culture and managing teams and organisations through change. I’ve developed strong coaching skills through many years of managing large, diverse teams of staff in emotive, challenging environments.

Now fully based in Folkestone and online, I draw on my psychotherapy skills in other areas of my career, supporting individuals through a wide-range of issues, including difficulties with mental health, changes in personal life, relationship challenges, redundancies and work-related stress and anxiety. I co-founded Ecstatic Dance Folkestone and am a sound practitioner with Sound Emergence

Education & courses

Clinical Qualifications

– Registered UKCP 
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
(Reg. No. 2011185870).

– Registered Member of BACP (Reg No. 01006297)

– Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy 
BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy

– Applied Clinical Hypnosis (current trainee)
BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy

– Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (Full training) Practitioner 

– Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy

– CPCAB CSK-L2 Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills 

– Tavistock Relationships – Foundation Certificate in Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy

Courses and other training

  • Diversity & Inclusion, Beeleaf Institute London
  • Working Creatively with Trauma
  • Working Effectively with Addiction & Recovery
  • Ethical Practice, Beeleaf Institute London
  • Psychopathology, Beeleaf Institute London
  • Anxiety & Depression, Beeleaf Institute London
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Mentoring Skills and coaching – training with Ada College
  • Certificate of completion Anjali Breathwork Teacher Training course