Ambivalent Advent (aka F*** Christmas)

Christmas got you down already?

That’s okay.

All this seasonal cheer and togetherness can be painful when life already feels hard. You don’t need to smile through the pain or pretend everything’s merry just because it’s December.

Side note – if you have children it’s all very well I know. You DO want to give them an amazing Christmas. Can you find a balance between that you what YOU need? Even moments to catch yourself and be with your feelings might help. And bloody well done if this is you. *Christmas ambivalence with children is the stuff of superheros*

(Where possible) give yourself permission to feel however you actually feel – even if it’s lonely, angry, grieving, or exhausted.

And if what you need this year is an alternatives or escapes from family time or empty festivities, that’s 100% valid.

Below are a few ideas for those who feel Christmas is overrated. Pick what works or make your own rituals. This season can still nurture even if “most wonderful time” sounds off. Something else is possible. 🙌

🎬 Plan a movie marathon of cheer-free flicks

🎁 Volunteer somewhere low-key helping others also avoid tinsel toxicity

🌏 Schedule video calls with friends who value you

🍂 Take yourself on quiet nature walks

🥮 Bake some comfort food just because

💥 Say “no” to anything that doesn’t feel meaningful or nourishing

However you navigate the closure of this year, give yourself extra compassion first and foremost.

Protect your peace unapologetically. Seek help if you need it.