'Therapy is often a matter of tipping the first domino.' - Milton Erikson


Choosing whether to pursue therapy can bring up many questions within us. “Do I really need therapy?” “Are my problems and experiences even worth talking about?”

We can often feel insecure, embarrassed, and even a little afraid to enter into therapy. With this in mind, I not only validate these concerns, but I encourage you all the more to reach out despite these feelings as often time these emotions are indicative of how therapy can actually be helpful for us.  For some, it may be their first time exploring therapy as an option. My hope is that you feel supported in our work together. 



I provide 50-minute individual therapy sessions to adults ages 18 and up.

Typically, I meet with clients on a weekly basis, though due to scheduling needs and other factors, this may vary. Expecting weekly sessions is a good start, but we can discuss what works best for you.


This means you get all therapy services all online while you sit on your own couch rather than mine! You have access to live video sessions on a secure platform. This means my services are offered to those of you who may have difficulty accessing services or may have physical limitations that make office visits a struggle... I've got therapy for you!


Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is a body-mind approach to human psychological development.

It represents the coming together of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and system-oriented principles, along with client-centred attitudes, in one integrated philosophy. This unified method is supported by the latest research on cognition, emotion, memory systems and brain functions.

Body-mind information and experiences are utilised, applying well defined principles and techniques which are offered to participants in a way that empowers them to stay in charge of their own therapeutic process.

This highly respectful approach helps you to access the hidden emotional processes and limiting patterns (based on experiences of the past) that continue to influence your present-day emotions, attitudes, expectations and decisions.

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And also…


This is just what it sounds like - walking and talking!
Research repeatedly shows that physical activity can improve mood. Add talking to this and it's a winning combination to help you to over come anxiety.


Group therapy is not as common in the UK as in other parts of our world, despite its proven effectiveness and the multitude of benefits it offers. This form of therapy is not only more affordable, making it accessible to many, but it also provides a precious opportunity to engage in a genuine 'practice run' of life alongside supportive peers. Starting in 2024.